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Pet Care Specialist

Jessica is a Columbia native and graduated from Hickman High School. After Highschool she moved South to attend college in North Carolina. She went on to spend almost her entire adult life in Southern Appalachia and New England. Jessica returned to her hometown in 2022, shortly after becoming a new mother, in order to be closer to her family.
Jessica has been helping pets and fur parents for more than 20 years. She has gathered a wide array of skills from her work as a veterinary assistant, adoption counselor, pet sitter, grooming assistant, homesteader, and farmer. She has been a dog mother for 15 years. Her personal pets have included two big-hearted Saint Bernards, and she currently lives with her perfectly exuberant goldendoodle, Gonger.
Jessica finds joy in sewing clothes and quilting, entry-level birdwatching, awkward comedy, growing plants, and binging on podcasts.

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